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TUAUPE Photo Page 5

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Product Shots

TUA Used Photo Equip, product shots and clips.


Three, Graphic film pack Adapter 31/4X41/4 with two other film holder w/o names. .008


Singer Graflex Slide Projector model 88 cat. #8823 max lamp 75w volts 115 current AC-DC
ampers 1.0 This item is in excellent Mechanical and cosmeticall condition.


Canon lens FL 50mm 1:1.8 serial #869968 w/Hoyh 48mm Sklight (1A) filter. .010


Bell & Howell 16mm Filmosound Autoload movie projector,Model 1552B serial #3134106, "unit is black and green,Same is in excellent contdition. .015


Argus A-5 35mm Rangefinder camera serial #52506 this camera is in very good condition. .015



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These images are of some of the cameras in my collection, Some of them are for sale.