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TUAUPE Photo Page #4

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Product Shots

TUAUPE's product shots and clips.


SVE Picturo 25mm film strip projector.
Other Filmstrips Projector,
TUA511,TUA512,TUA408,TUA409, TUA416,TUA396


Seven (7) rolls of Educational Picturol film strip. For sale now.There are 55 rolls in total,
(1)Favorite poems about children's adventures. 808.81
(2)The Elves and the Shoemaker. 398.2
(3)Snow on mistletoe, Christmas around the world 26.
(4) Christmas fun. 394.2
(5) Wake up, Mr. Bear.599.
(6)Rumpelstiltskim. 398.2
(7)If you were born in Mexico. 917.2


Nice Miniature Speed Graphic Camera "2 1/4x3 1/4" c1938-47 w/o lens
With Graflex flash unit w/7" reflector, this camera and flash is in good condition. .o45


Olympus 35RC Rangefinder Camera w/Olympus E. Zuiko 1:2.8 F=42mm Lens. Serial #567958 "Please note this is one of two Olympus 35RC we have for sale.


Keystone Sixty "K" 8mm Movie Projector "This is one of two Keystone Sixty "K", You could say part of a set."


Canon canonet QL17 G-III 35mm Camera serial #F07419 W/Canon 40mm F=1:1.7 lens. .020