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TUAUPE Photo Page 2

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Collection of Classic Cameras.

Come in, and have a look around.

Taking at the Oakley location

A room where photo equip hang out.


Kodak Automatic 35 "35mm Camera" 1959-64 lens Kodak Ektanar 44mm F/2.8 w/Synchro 80 shutter serial #013069 w/Kodak Rotary Flasholder Type-1 "The flash hold six bubs, The camera is brown and chrome with a brown case.


Beaulieu B 4008 Zm Super-8 movie camera Serial #885334 Lens P. Angenieux Paris F.8-64mm 1:1.9 Angenieux-Zoom Type 8x8 B 31275006


Look like rain, I sure hope this bag hold out!!!!!!

I can't wait to get home, And check out these cameras, I sure hope i am going the right way.


This is a all black, Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera ONE STEP w/Sonar TUA1410