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View TUA product shots and clips.

Samoca-35 Super w/1:3.5 F=50mm Fzumar Amastigmat lens TUA2045

Bolex 155 Macrozoom Super 8 Movie camera TUA707A .015



Bogen Sub-II Precision Enlarger 110-125 Volts A.C. max lamp wattage 150 watts w/Voss 1:3.5 50mm lens. TUA2130 .005
Filmo 16mm Movie Projector By: Bell & Howell C. model U Design 57 I had a lot of time on my hands one day, So i tolk this 16mm Movie projector, And I turned it into table a lamp. What do you think of it ??? I also did the same with 8mm projector.


TUA1665 .085